Spoiler Alert! This blog contains information about the plot of HBO’s original series, True Detective.

If you have not seen True Detective yet, and you enjoy crime drama as only HBO is capable of delivering it, then I highly recommend watching the first season of this series. In short, this show follows the 17-year journey of two Louisiana State Police detectives, Marty Hart and Rust Cohle, as they uncover a conspiracy that involves ritualistic, pagan-influenced serial murders taking place in rural Louisiana. I will spare you all the details on how the protagonists win the day, however, there is one small piece of the investigation that was probably overlooked by most viewers.

Public Records Help Unlock the Case

Just when Hart and Cohle’s investigation looked like a dead end, they discover that there is one possible new lead, that is one of the suspects appears to be a painter. Hart, who is a law enforcement detective turned private investigator, identifies a photograph that shows a house freshly painted. Through his knowledge of public records he is able to identify tax records and business filings that confirm his suspicion that there is a connection between a number of the suspects and this painting business. With this new information he gleaned through the public record, the two detectives follow their new lead and catch the bad guy.

Why Public Records Research Is So Important to Your Contracts – or Brand Associations

The moral of the story for people in the business world isn’t that public records are the best way to track down pagan murderers, or even criminals in general, other than perhaps the ones that wear suits.  Instead, the moral is that a lot of information can be taken and dots connected from something as simple as a business filing, building permits or tax records. This information connects individuals, helps determine if someone is being truthful about their past professional background, or better yet, if they are hiding behind businesses and operating them in an irresponsible way. All things that you would want to know about a potential business partner before you sign a contract or associate your brand with them.

Real-Life Harts and Cohles

Here is the part where I insert my shameless, self-serving plug. Suppose there was a business that could help you identify such public records and gain a fuller understanding of the people you are considering doing business with. Let’s take it a step further and imagine that this business was staffed by a group of professionals who have combined law enforcement and private investigative experience. And just for good measure, let’s say the CEO of this company is a former Louisiana State Police detective and, more than 20 years ago, was one of the 15 members of the same real-life detective division that our fictional protagonists, Hart and Cohle, belong to. That sounds like a group of true detectives to me.