Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace Violence Prevention

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Hillard Heintze specializes in helping employers in both the public and private sectors create and sustain safe workplace environments that prevent violent incidents, mitigate risks and advance business and mission objectives. Workplace violence threat assessment can help you capture benefits such as higher employee confidence in the security of their work environment and better productivity as well as lower liability if an incident occurs and the correct prevention-oriented steps have been followed.

Workplace Violence Prevention Needs Assessment

  • Review and evaluation of current strengths, capabilities and resources supporting the development of a workplace violence prevention program as well as critical areas to develop and integrate.
  • A workplace violence risk assessment includes a comprehensive review of existing policies in areas such as onboarding, employment screening, privacy compliance and issue resolution and escalation. Identification of gaps, recommendations on improvements and guidance on execution.
  • Analysis of key functions and departments such as Security, HR, Operations, Legal, EAP and line management.

Workplace Violence Prevention Program Development

  • Creation of a master workplace violence prevention program plan typically based on a comprehensive needs assessment and expertise in threat assessment, psychology, mental health, law enforcement, privacy regulations and related legal issues.
  • Include clear, actionable guidance on areas ranging from core operational policies, practices, compliance, privacy, reporting issues and an incident tracking system to the formation of a cross-functional, multidisciplinary team.

Threat Assessment Team Support

  • Workplace threat assessment training includes guidance on forming this multidisciplinary team which relies on the diverse strengths of personnel – HR, Security, Legal, management, EAP and other stakeholders – who take on the specialized leadership function to proactively assess, monitor and manage behavioral risk.
  • Develop protocols for activating the Threat Assessment Team based on the unique environment of your organization.
  • Train the team on their roles and responsibilities, critical issues in behavioral threat assessment and workplace violence. Threat assessment in the workplace can include training on advanced interviewing techniques.
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