Does workplace violence prevention training still matter in our work-from-home world?

Decidedly, yes. Why? For one, not all employees are working from home and even those that are can still experience or instigate violence in the workplace. Workplace violence is more than just an act of physical violence. It is a whole spectrum of inappropriate behaviors including bullying or cyberbullying, harassment, threatening behavior, intimidation, verbal abuse or physical assaults. Many of which can occur just as easily in a virtual environment as it can in a physical one. This is why we translated our nationally-recognized workplace violence prevention training into an online course that employees can take from anywhere. Training your employees to recognize and report workplace violence is important even in a work-from-home world.

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Can you protect employees who work primarily or completely from home?

Even as some parts of the country reopen, many businesses have decided that the safest place for their employees is in their home offices. This lasting effect on the workforce environment means that you need workplace violence prevention programs that are just as effective for remote workers as they are for those in a traditional workspace. As Matt Doherty, the head of our Threat + Violence Risk Management practice, recently discussed in Risk Management Magazine, even if your employees are working exclusively remotely or have been temporarily laid off, it is more important than ever that the organization have an effective workplace violence prevention program and training in place. These programs – which are enabled by training – provide critical connective support when coworkers feel isolated and anxious, and offer recourse for employees who may be at risk or who need to report abuse. Additionally, many of the resources used in workplace violence prevention programs are just as effective virtually as they are in a traditional workplace setting.

Reinforce workplace safety with nationally-recognized training

The Hillard Heintze, a Jensen Hughes company Workplace Violence Prevention training was developed by our threat and violence risk management experts based on their years of experience and widely accepted industry best practices. The training methodology is so widely regarded in the industry that it was recently profiled by the Washington Post.

Available online or delivered in-person, this customizable workplace violence prevention training strengthens your workplace safety by:

  • Teaching employees to recognize and report concerning behaviors exhibited in the virtual or physical workplace
  • Defining clear reporting procedures that give employees confidence that their concerns will be addressed
  • Increasing workforce awareness of sensitive issues that might heighten the risk of workplace violence, including untreated mental health or substance abuse and domestic violence
  • Ensuring consistency, compliance and collaboration in swiftly addressing disruptive, harmful or potentially violent behaviors

Workplace violence can take many forms in any working environment. By equipping your workforce with better clarity on the broad definition, forms and causes of workplace violence, you can empower them to protect themselves, their colleagues, and to lower your risk.

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