It has been 25 days since I started writing this blog series, “These Children Are Our Children.”  Today, I am just as committed to making a difference and fulfilling the obligation we have to protect our nation’s innocence as I was on January 1st.  While the emotions that drove me to launch our effort still run high, I’m afraid that as December 14th recedes further into the past, the attention of Americans is shifting to other headline issues – to the detriment of our children.  It’s so easy to allow ourselves to believe that what happened in Newtown and too many other places can’t happen to us, to our children, to our communities.  That’s a false assumption.  And a dangerous one.

Regardless of the apathy I sense from coast to coast, I pledge to act – to the degree that we can – to realize our goals, formalize our plans, and honor the memories of the lives lost to these senseless acts of targeted violence in so many of our nation’s schools. My hope is that, along the way, we will find others sharing the same desires, and that together, we will seize the opportunity to reach for our vision together – a time when “no child will lose their life to school-related violence.”