Threat Violence Risk Management Training

Threat Violence Risk Management Training

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One of Hillard Heintze’s core competencies is helping employers create safer, more secure workplaces by educating and informing their employees – at multiple levels through training courses and curriculums like the ones below. In fact, in September 2018, the head of Hillard Heintze’s Threat + Violence Risk Management practice accepted an Outstanding Security Performance Award (OSPA) for Training Initiative.

Workplace Violence Prevention Training – General Workforce

  • Stresses the importance of “see something, say something” and the collective responsibility of the entire workforce in preventing workplace violence.
  • Also explains what to look for and how to report concerning behaviors and situations.

Workplace Violence Prevention Training – Managers

  • Instructs managers and supervisors on their critical role in identifying and responding appropriately to disturbing, disruptive or threatening behavior.
  • Also trains participants on how to recognize the warning signs of potentially violent behavior.

Behavioral Threat Assessment Training Fundamentals – Threat Assessment Team Members

  • Focuses on the four critical functions of behavioral threat assessment training: (1) identification of those who may pose a threat; (2) investigation of these individuals using multiple sources of information; (3) objective assessment of the facts gathered to determine whether the threat may be valid; and (4) management of individuals who are assessed as possibly posing a risk.
  • Explores how to share information among members of the Threat Assessment Team and other resources while complying with the regulatory limits of privacy and information sharing.
  • Increases team members’ ability to conduct threat assessment interviews, including exploration of the key questions that need to be answered.

Specialized Training through Interactive Behavioral Simulations® – Threat Assessment Team Members

  • Innovative and high-impact behavioral threat assessment training methodology that has been used to train thousands of federal agency personnel in the homeland security, law enforcement and intelligence communities for many years.
  • These powerful exercises allow threat assessment team participants to explore simulated real-world situations while practicing new communication skills and strategies in a high-performance and safe learning environment.

Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training

  • Course is based on a high-level needs assessment and gap analysis of your existing plans to identify strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.
  • Pre-course evaluation addresses active shooter response, emergency management, workplace violence prevention, threat assessment operations and capabilities.
  • Empowers employees to think through their actions and use strengths and skills to step up to the demands of making life-saving decisions in what may only be minutes or even seconds.
  • Helps to transform planned protocols into instinctual, life-saving human responses.
  • Creates stronger alignment of active shooter planning with an emergency management plan.
  • Improves a company’s overall readiness and resiliency in addressing the risks of targeted violence.
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