We’ve touched on a number of strategic issues over the last 13 days – including, in Act #5, an explicit list of the services we will make available to schools as we gain support, secure funding and align the nation’s experts behind this initiative.

In order to achieve our mission to prevent targeted violence in our schools, here in Act#14, we are setting milestones for the road ahead in 2013.

  • First, we will establish a plan that will set our course for 2013 and also help steer our direction for years to come.
  • Second, we will invite and engage leading U.S. businesses and nonprofit organizations with like-minded objectives to serve as strategic partners in this endeavor.
  • Third, we will reach out to government organizations at the federal, state and local level to learn about appropriate grants and other resources, and engage this support.
  • Fourth, we will align and coordinate this collective support to implement our plan.
  • Fifth, we will be vocal and visible in raising public awareness on the issues to prevention targeted violence in our schools.
  • Sixth, we will lead the effort to establish national guidelines for school security, school threat assessment programs, and social media monitoring to protect our students and schools.

Over the next six days, we will address each of these 2013 goals in detail.