The fourth goal we intend to achieve in 2013 is to bring representatives from each of our partners to the table to determine together how we can combine our collective talents and resources in preventing school violence.

As Act #18, we pledge to do so in line with the following:

  • Inform and Connect: As a community of organizations focused either directly on preventing school violence or indirectly on a related issue – such as bullying, mental health, gun control, or the influence of gangs on school environments – we need to ensure that we are informed and connected on the issues, priorities, and requirements that matter most.
  • Conserve and Align Resources:  In some cases, we’ll discover duplication across our various activities.  We’ll create opportunities to pool costs.  We’ll share other resources.
  • Manage and Govern Efficiently:  Taking coordinated action on these will allow one or more of our respective organizations to reallocate resources to more important areas.
  • Protect and Strengthen Relationships With Our Shared Stakeholders: If we are effective at coordination, we will demonstrate to our shared constituencies – on the demand side, the schools themselves; on the supply side, government and business sponsors – that their contributions are exceptionally well leveraged for maximum impact.