Tomorrow, Hillard Heintze will be presenting at ASIS International’s 2015 convention in Anaheim, California on the topic of “The Role of Protective Intelligence in Managing Threats Associated with Targeted Violence and the Active Shooter.” If you’d like more information on what Hillard Heintze SVPs Michael A. Crane, Matthew W. Doherty and Robert L. Davis will cover – or if you’d like information on how to attend, please see Mike Crane’s blog from last Friday here.

In support of that event, I’d like to share an infographic we have created to highlight and reinforce awareness in workplaces across the United States about this phenomenon.  If you’re interested in more insights and perspectives on workplace violence prevention, protective intelligence, threat assessment and active shooter planning, please view our blogs, white papers and case studies on these highly integrated issues. The more we understand as a society about how to prevent these terrible acts, the more lives we will save. 

An active shooter attack is over in five minutes or less. Would your team be prepared?