Newtown changed me – and so many of us.  As one searing incident among many tragic shooting events across this country that should never have happened, the events of that morning instilled in me an even deeper commitment to supporting our efforts as a nation to understand this threat from many different perspectives.  Like you, I want us to get better – much, much better – at preventing them in our communities in the months and years ahead.

We just got a big boost, in this regard.  The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) just released a very important report, “The Police Response to Active Shooter Incidents.”  This authoritative study is based on a detailed examination of 84 active shooter incidents that have occurred since 2000.

  • PERF’s authors analyzed variations in policies on active shooter response planning – including characteristics of active shooters which we have emphasized continuously in this blog as part of our regular client service operations.
  • The PERF team’s report dissects the police response to active shooter incidents and changes in officer training.
  • This guide also addresses critical steps necessary to preventing “the next” active shooter incident as well as what police should tell the community.

Every one of us here at Hillard Heintze stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our friends, colleagues and counterparts at PERF in championing the value of this report and the importance of using its findings and guidance to improve our active shooter planning and workplace violence prevention efforts across the nation. It’s your turn.  Whether you stand on the private or public sector side of addressing the risks of an active shooter incident in our schools, offices or public venues, take a few minutes to look this report over.  More importantly, share it with critical decision-makers in your network who can be effective at integrating this information with new and ongoing active shooter programs that will save lives.  Join me and join both the PERF and Hillard Heintze teams in helping to make sure that another “Newtown event” never happens again.  Not on our watch.  Are you with me?  Are you with us?

An active shooter attack is over in five minutes or less. Would your team be prepared?