By now – on Day 4 – those of you following along can see that we have set the bar very, very high.  The life of a child is priceless.  There is not a parent in this country who followed the news in the days after December 14, 2012 who isn’t concerned about another such tragedy again.

I doubt there is a single one of us who hasn’t closed our eyes, even for just a moment, and felt the hurt that is sweeping these children’s parents.  I am both wrought by the magnitude of this loss and fully committed to taking action now.  America has to do better. As outlined in our Act #3, our mission is clear.  It is specific.  It is focused.  And it will be achieved.

Our Mission: To prevent targeted violence in our schools.

Today, as Act #4, we start to define our strategic approach at a high level, the methodology that we will apply to achieve this mission.  Our approach will be flexible and adaptive.  It will allow us to take advantage of our strengths – and those of our developing partnerships – and the ability to leverage individual initiative, a prevention-oriented methodology, the changing landscape, opportunities and innovation. Reflecting the unique strength and capabilities of our current team as well as new members in the months ahead, our strategic approach – which we will outline here over the next several Acts – will integrate the following components:

  1. Services and Support Levels
  2. People and Partnerships
  3. Funding and Resources
  4. National Policy
  5. Technology and Social Media
  6. Research and Education