Open Source Intelligence and Threat Monitoring

Open Source Intelligence and Threat Monitoring

How We Can Help

We are experts in uncovering potentially damaging information early through detection, collection, detailed analysis and reporting. We integrate technology automation and human investigative acumen to identify issues of concern and monitor known threats for significant changes or escalation. Our open source monitoring specialists, content analysts and open source intelligence researchers can serve as an extension of your office, gathering intelligence and monitoring key issues related to your interests.

Open Source Intelligence and Analysis

  • Robust review of social media platforms, public websites, online discussions, message boards and other public forums to provide a representational picture of information viewable by the public and media that could adversely affect the security or your personnel and your other interests.
  • A specifically designed suite of state-of-the-art monitoring tools, such as LifeRaft, Meltwater, Babel X and Dunami, among others.
  • Can be structured as (1) a critical component of ensuring the security of a special event; (2) a one-time review supporting any number of corporate, organizational or individual objectives; or (3) ongoing monitoring, with a periodic reporting schedule.
  • Situational awareness and actionable intelligence through monitoring of keywords and social media accounts. Social network mapping for targeted analysis of trending issues by influencer.
  • Tracking of key people, places and things from social networks in more than 200 languages and analysis enhanced by the experience to know when only manual information-gathering techniques will get to the heart of the matter.


Threat Monitoring and Analysis

  • Research and intelligence analysis of threats with the potential to affect your core operations, principal locations and key executives.
  • Alerts and immediate feedback for threats or other key issues.

Dark Web Searching, Monitoring and Analysis

  • Analysis of results from TOR websites, forums, IRC channels in the darknet, content from the deep net and high-interest sites on the surface net.
  • Content is crawled 24/7/365 and indexed in 47 languages, and it includes body text or chat log text.
  • Metadata are also indexed when available, such as file size, IP address, location, domain and HTTP headers. Images, video and audio files are not indexed.
  • Bank account and other relevant financial information is among other data that can be searched and monitored.
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