Threat and violence risk management expert and retired U.S. Secret Service Agent Matt Doherty talks with WGN Morning News about the security breach at the U.S. Capitol Building and what it teaches us about security planning based on all available intelligence.


  • Like all good security plans, there are contingency plans in place to protect the U.S. Capitol Building, members of Congress and their staff, but security was obviously compromised.
  • Because the Capitol Building is “the people’s house” and open to the public, security planning must balance best practice protective measures and a welcoming environment.
  • The primary mission of the U.S. Capitol Police is to protect members of Congress, which they did by employing the “cover and evacuate” tactic once the inner security perimeter was breached.
  • Intelligence shared across national jurisdictions, including historical context for similar demonstrations, helps determine the potential for violence and should inform contingency planning.

Effective threat management can help you prevent and respond to security threats before they escalate.
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