The resources you need to incorporate open source intelligence (OSINT) into your security strategy are likely right down the hall in your marketing department. The social media marketing team managing your organization’s social media engagement has front-row access to a wealth of online communications and networking activity – including those that may signal potential security threats and concerns.

With the right security intelligence training, you can establish a cross-capable social media brand or marketing team aligned to enhance and support both your business and security strategy. During this informative webinar, Hillard Heintze’s OSINT experts, Keely Spencer and Ellen McDonald describe the ways you can use your existing social media marketing resources to fulfill critical security objectives.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a clear understanding of how OSINT is used to detect external threats to your brand, employees, customers and organization.
  • Recognize how social media and community managers can function both as a protective advance and a ‘first responder’ in addressing corporate risks.
  • Learn how to train your social media marketing team to recognize red flags or individuals of concern.
  • Learn about social media platform settings that may be keeping you in the dark about potential threats and how you can use various features to mitigate harassment or de-escalate threatening communications.
  • Outline the key steps to creating a cross-capable social media marketing and security intelligence team.