Hillard Heintze to Present at the ASIS Annual Seminar at the Anaheim, CA Convention Center on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

From 2000-2013, there were 160 active shooter incidents that reached 40 of the 50 states and resulted in 1,042 casualties. The majority of these incidents ended in five minutes or less. That’s not enough time for police to arrive and intervene. Survival depends on the ability of individuals to make life-and-death decisions quickly.  It is therefore incumbent for corporations to have plans in place for workplace violence and active shooter prevention as well as emergency response plans if an incident should occur in the workplace.

At Hillard Heintze, we routinely conduct threat assessments for our corporate clients to advise them if a person of interest is likely to become violent or a danger to their workforce.  The methodology we use to determine risk includes a combination of protective intelligence, social media monitoring, forensic psychology and analytical investigative data on the offender.

ASIS Presentation Next Week

On Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at the ASIS International Annual Seminar in Anaheim, California, I’ll be joining Hillard Heintze Senior Vice Presidents Matt Doherty and Rob Davis along with Regis Becker, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at Penn State University to present “The Role of Protective Intelligence in Managing Threats Associated with Targeted Violence and the Active Shooter.”

Questions We Will Ask and Answer

As subject-matter experts, we will address workplace violence prevention and how to evaluate a threat in the workplace, answering questions such as the following from both a corporate and a law enforcement perspective:

  1. What are attack-related behaviors and what is a behavioral threat assessment? 
  2. If an incident should occur, what actions do you take internally as well as with law enforcement? 
  3. How do you prepare for an Active Shooter incident? 

Overview of the Speakers

The presenters are experts in workplace violence and active shooter prevention.  While with the U.S. Secret Service, Matthew Doherty created the agency’s Threat Assessment Center as well as conducted threat assessments while providing protection for the Executive Branch of the government. Rob Davis, the former Chief of Police of San Jose, CA and a former President of the Major Chiefs Association, is an expert is law enforcement strategic planning and execution.

An active shooter attack is over in five minutes or less. Would your team be prepared?