Effective Workplace Violence Prevention Must Be a Leading Business Priority

Acts of targeted violence are carried out nearly every day across our country. To counter rising fears, experts in workplace violence prevention are advancing best practices in identifying and mitigating threats, reminding us that any organization can prevent violent incidents if they take the right actions.

Matthew Doherty, Senior Vice President and leader of Hillard Heintze’s Threat + Violence Risk Management practice, shares the essential steps to building an effective prevention program by identifying, assessing and managing risks, threats and concerns.

View this on-demand webinar to:

  1. Learn how to define the business case for workplace violence prevention and identify outcomes to measure a program’s contribution to human resources and business performance.
  2. Become familiar with¬†the legal implications of workplace violence prevention¬†across issues related to OSHA, HIPAA, FERPA and the Tarasoff case’s “duty to warn”.
  3. Understand the common roadblocks to early intervention for potential workplace violence incidents.
  4. Learn the key steps to setting up an effective workplace violence prevention program in your own organization.

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