Psychological evaluations of risk are a highly confidential component of a comprehensive behavioral threat assessment and management process. The outcomes of these interventions bring an added layer of assurance to human resources, security, legal personnel, law enforcement and others in properly addressing the demands and challenges of the dynamic risk of violence in the workplace.

Our Executive Primer “A Structured Approach to Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management” will help you gain a better understanding of three types of psychological evaluations of risk – Indirect Behavioral Threat Assessment Training, Direct Violence Risk Evaluation and Fitness for Duty Evaluation.

Key behavioral risk management takeaways:

  • Learn the distinctive components of each intervention
  • Gain a clearer understanding of the process and outcomes specific to the type of assessment
  • Recognize the role of the forensic clinical psychologist within a multifaceted behavioral threat advisory team
  • Appreciate how insights gained in the assessment process lead to better informed next steps.

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