The transition from a professional athletic career to private life can be difficult and sometimes presents complicated and serious challenges. One of our most valued clients, The Trust, actively supports former NFL players with an array of services focused on overall health and a successful life off the field. In my role at Hillard Heintze, I’ve had the privilege of speaking with many former NFL players about the risks they face and how our services can help them make informed decisions that protect their financial assets, reputations and future options.

Before You Check the Box, Check the Facts

On Friday I’m going to present to another group of former NFL players. I’ll share with them key questions they should be asking themselves and some important tips to protecting their professional reputations and investments. Through Hillard Heintze’s partnership with The Trust, former NFL players can receive valuable due diligence support in uncovering critical facts related to potential investments and business opportunities, before putting their money and reputation on the line.

“It’ll Never Happen to Me”

Over the years, I’ve noticed this is one of the most common phrases people use – in the context of falling victim to a fraudulent scheme or a hacker. One of my main points, when speaking with members of The Trust and other high net worth individuals, is that: you are a target and this can happen to you, so why not be prepared? I’ll go into more detail about this topic in my talk tomorrow, but I also share some helpful tips in my blog, Robbed by Their Advisor: The Top 10 List No Professional Athlete Wants to Make.

Marques Ogden, who played in the NFL for six years, will be presenting with me and will share his firsthand experience with the group. Be sure to read his guest blog this coming Tuesday to hear about his experience.

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