Conducting international security advances and special event security planning is becoming more complex across the United States and all over the world.  Many different factors determine the risk environment and which strategies are most effective in countering them.

Event Security Planning Can Be Complex – Especially in International Venues

Take one of the most successful bands in U.S. history, for example.  It’s manager reached out to us for assistance with strategic event security planning and oversight for a Latin American tour.  One member of the band’s management team had worked in the White House earlier in his career and was familiar with some of the ways that the U.S. Secret Service protects the President.  The band’s management team was concerned about recent events in Mexico – the general level of violence, law enforcement corruption, and a specific breakdown in crowd control issues during a concert by another international band when concert goers rushed the stage and approached the artist.

Effective Planning is Critical, Well in Advance and Across Multiple Domains

Naturally, even celebrities are not able to tap the levels of protection accorded the President, a national priority that is backed by the full battery of resources available to the U.S. government. But there are some very important similarities for event security planning. Like what? The advances, which are rigorous. The logistics planning. Personal protection. Transportation. There’s a long list.

  • What medical support requirements should be carried?
  • Which U.S. government resources – those stationed or operating in the countries visited – are willing to share insights and intelligence on the local threat and response environment before and during the trip?
  • Should security-related liaison be established with the foreign government’s security arm, and if so, how?
  • Which hospital in each city is the best one?
  • What are the best alternative routes – to the hospital, to the G650 on the tarmac, to the safe house?

It’s literally days of advance event security planning for every hour the protectees are on the ground.

Outcome: A Safe and Successful Tour

This series of concerts went off well.  All members of the band and the crew were safe and secure before, during and after the performances.  And prevention carried the day.