Workplace violence prevention. Threat assessment and management. Executive protection. Cyber and information security. Insider threats. Protection and security for soft targets. M&A due diligence and internal investigations.

As a Security Director or leader responsible for risk, legal, IT, HR and facility performance, what can you expect in 2019? How do new risks, policies, global regulations, geopolitical partnerships and economic indicators factor into your short- and long-term security risk management strategy?

This informative, 45-minute webinar led by CEO Arnette Heintze and Hillard Heintze’s most senior experts will help you evaluate your security strategy and prioritize your resources based on the top trends that matter most.

View the webinar recording to:

1. Get versed on the latest trends in security risk management that are driving organizational spending and operational priorities.

2. Learn from the challenges and issues other leaders with security-related accountability are confronting and the creative options they are planning in 2019 to address them.

3. Strengthen your awareness of prevention-oriented best practices in areas such as workplace violence prevention, threat assessment and management, corporate counter-terror practices, executive protection and protective services, cybercrime and information security and internal investigations.