Many of our clients – global executives who travel to high-risk countries or affluent families – confront a greater risk of kidnapping than do other individuals. One of the tactics that can help counter this risk is either having the individual enable GPS functionality on their iPhone – which is now commonly understood – or acquire one of the growing number of small GPS units that are delivering more and more security-enhancing functionality every month.

New Users – and Lower Risk

Many adventure travelers – such as those setting out on backpacking, rafting or climbing trips – are now using these GPS units to reduce risk. So are companies like Uber, the ride-sharing service, which recently rolled out an option that helps its customers let others know when they are expected to arrive. But what if you or your client is traveling in a different city, especially one that’s foreign, and you want to make sure someone can verify where you are?

A Pocket-Sized GPS Tracker

New, small-sized GPS devices, the size of the old beepers, can keep track of a person’s movements but also provide a sense of safety as many have a built-in emergency switch that generates an immediate notification and pinpoints the exact location of the GPS unit if a critical situation is developing. The devices emit an SOS signal with a map location, time- and date-stamp and trigger automated tracking.

A GPS Unit That Can Protect Others Too

GPS devices now available include software that tracks the unit and monitors a “ring of protection” around a specific area of a building, such as a school, hotel or corporate office. Based on a virtual circle – or geofence – established around areas designated by the user, the GPS unit generates an email-based alarm whenever the individual leaves or enters the area. Some units can also call 911 in emergency situations and dial phone numbers which have been preset in the device.

An Economical Safety Precaution

Surprisingly, you can purchase these GPS units and accompanying tracking software fairly inexpensively. With a computer or other smart device, you or your user can track and receive notifications on individuals, packages, and vehicles.

Think these might be helpful for your executive protection team, for your high net worth clients – or even for yourself and your family, just having the peace of mind to know where they are at all times? Look into products manufactured and sold by companies such as 7PSolutions, Queclink Wireless Solutions, Americaloc, and Location Based Technologies.


Wealth can attract trouble. How can you better protect your family?