As much of the country experiences a veritable heatwave – we’re looking at you, Chicago, where temperatures have risen by about 80 degrees over the past six days – we thought it apt to take a look back at our hottest blogs of 2018.

These 12 blogs are a select few from each of our five practices and each was among our most read in 2018.

Top Threat + Violence Risk Management Blogs

It’s probably no surprise that one of our most-read blogs across all our areas of expertise centers on one of the most highly publicized targeted violence incidents in 2018. A close second illustrates another primary concern of organizations today: workplace violence prevention.

Top Security Risk Management Blogs

Security risk management spans a wide spectrum of challenges. From managing the risks of a vehicle ramming attack to drone security, these are the top blogs of 2018.

Top Law Enforcement Consulting Blogs

These blogs got the most views of all and, considering the challenges confronting law enforcement leaders today in the U.S. and around the world, that seems appropriate. These particular pieces highlighted community policing and implicit bias, two essential topics addressed by both policing professionals and activists on a regular basis.

Top Investigations Blogs

In 2018, we were all amateur sleuths. Who hasn’t gone deep on an acquaintance’s Instagram or LinkedIn, or uncovered lost relatives on But our Investigations team demonstrates how seeking the truth is a far more nuanced and complex pursuit, especially when reputations, money and even convictions are on the line. These two blogs provide an inside look at their process.

Top Private Client and Family Office Services Blogs

Our private clients were most interested in email scams, physical and digital security at home and how to protect the youngest members of the family. Needless to say, these are tips and tricks everyone can learn from.

We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. It may not have involved a Delorean, but it sure did highlight our readers’ top priorities and interests from last year. In fact, Hillard Heintze subject matter experts published 95 blogs in 2018, and while not all of them climbed the ‘clicks’ ladder, every single one explored a new facet of the ever-evolving security industry.

In 2019, Hillard Heintze blogs will continue to provide our audience with useful best practices through the lens of relevant, timely and engaging topics. If you haven’t subscribed to our blog yet, click here to get our latest topics delivered right to your inbox.