Client’s Challenge: A Conference of Facility Managers Seeks Guidance on Physical and Technical Security

It’s hard to find a major commercial property corporation in the heart of Chicago’s business district that isn’t a card-carrying member of CoreNet Global, the world’s leading association for corporate real estate (CRE) and workplace professionals, service providers and economic developers.

But while managing the economics of a multi-tenant office building may be one of the principal challenges for these executives, sometimes security isn’t addressed until after an event has occurred. To help its members gain a high-level, strategic perspective on how to address security, CoreNet Global asked Hillard Heintze to speak on the issue.

Our Solution: Learning to Integrate Security Issues Into Facility Management

Hillard Heintze invited its strategic partner Convergint, one of North America’s leading system integrators, to join in making the presentation. Supported by a high-quality, graphic-rich professional presentation provocatively titled “Think Your Chute Will Open?,” the security experts guiding the discussion asked the audience to view their challenges and best practices in commercial property risk management as dangerously akin to those confronted by expert parachutists and sky jumpers.

“Every day the sun rises and you head to work,” the presenters said as they opened the discussion, “you are, in effect, jumping out of the plane with high expectations for the outcome of your efforts. What determines whether you will be successful that day? That depends on factors you don’t control – like unexpectedly high winds directing you toward nearby high-tension wires. And factors you do – like how well you pack your chute. And whether your security teams at the corporate and facility level are engaging a prevention-oriented, best practice-based approach to managing the anticipatable risks that should and must factor very significantly in every single commercial property risk management strategy.”

Impact on the Client: A New Awareness

It’s hard to measure the business impact of the discussion. But the speaking center was packed. Empty seats were hard to find and late-arriving attendees lined the walls. A few questions punctuated the hour-long presentation. But most were saved for the 30-minute Q&A session – which went beyond the event’s scheduled duration.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“You know, we tailor our counsel and recommendations very specifically to each client’s situation. You have to. Because efficient and cost-effective security practices aren’t ‘plug and play’ solutions. They’re not just about experienced leadership. Or a generous budget. Or great technology.

In fact, most of the CSOs we support are operating with one management deficit or another – whether that’s funding, resources or capability weaknesses. And that’s just business. So you have to adapt on the fly. Make decisions quickly. Build an agile security organization. And that takes a different form and path for every client.”

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