Client’s Challenge: New Wealth. New Concerns.

Just weeks before taking his company public, the CEO and founder of an elite technology firm started to worry about emerging security risks to his family. At his counsel’s suggestion, he reached out to Hillard Heintze. The executive asked for a comprehensive security assessment of his private residence as well as his family’s habits and practices, and an emergency management plan. “Let’s figure out where our greatest risks lie first,” he said. “Then plan how we are going to address them.”

Our Solution: Developing a Highly Customized Family Emergency Plan

After conducting the security assessment of the client’s home and evaluating the risks facing the family, Hillard Heintze used some of the most important key findings to draft the emergency preparedness plan.

The plan was specifically tailored to the age and ability of the client’s children, the family’s several homes and the likelihood of a given incident impacting the family, ranging from severe weather events to an act of violence or terror in the neighborhood with many casualties, city-wide transportation restrictions, loss of Internet services and large-scale communications blackouts. It also included step-bystep instructions on how to shelter-in-place, suggested evacuation locations with maps showing primary and secondary walking and driving routes and recommendations on stockpiling the appropriate supplies and equipment.

Impact on the Client: Confidence in Preparedness

The family now reviews its emergency plan annually to incorporate changes in its environment – such as health issues, new staff at the residences or changes in schools, jobs or office locations – and has engaged Hillard Heintze to supplement this planning with ongoing social media and open-source online monitoring and reputation management.

“My wife and I have talked about taking basic, pragmatic security steps like this for years,” said the client. “With our children at the edge of adolescence – and the significant changes we anticipate in our financial footprint and lifestyle – understanding the risks to our family and planning for them has been vital.”

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“This client was ‘on it.’ Most families understand the critical importance of having an established plan to handle emergencies, such as a fire or tornado. Or loss of communications in a crisis. But few take the steps to create one.

Parents, especially those with young children, think their hectic schedules don’t allow the time to create such a plan. Or they believe their kids have already learned the necessary information in school.

It was gratifying to see this family value this information – and put it to practical use.”

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