Client’s Challenge: A Global Giant Eyes a Shift in Focus from Products to Services

Recently, one of the most recognized companies in the world accelerated a major transformation in its global strategy and business model and a shift in focus from manufacturing to services. A small, elite, board-commissioned team of M&A experts and change agents spearheaded the earliest stages. But this team ran into challenges getting the company’s sales and marketing departments, steeped in traditional product-centric tactics, to start thinking in new ways. Aware of Hillard Heintze’s capabilities in strategic communications, the team asked for our support.

Our Solution: Hillard Heintze is Tapped to Define the Change in Strategic Messaging

We provided four strategic services. First, we independently validated the company’s efforts to rationalize its budding services portfolio and incorporate new capabilities enabled by recent acquisitions of services businesses. Second, we interviewed 16 of the company’s most senior leaders across product and service businesses – analyzed the strategic messaging of 14 competitors in various service-related markets.

Third, Hillard Heintze translated these insights into a high-level Strategic Communications Blueprint that redefined core communications elements, key themes and principles, and messaging for its $3 billion subsidiary and its primary operating divisions. Fourth, we piloted the new communications strategy to life with an innovative, 14-component sales and marketing campaign.

Impact on the Client: The First Blueprint Wins Accolades – and Prompts a Contract for Five More

One of the client’s most senior leaders used these deliverables to educate, inform and inspire other executives – and to champion the need to adhere to more consistent and strategic messaging across the enterprise. Another called the Blueprint the highest-quality internal company report he had reviewed in his entire career with the company. The project’s executive champion subsequently earned a promotion and was placed in charge of a multi-billion dollar book of business. Several months later, the company tapped Hillard Heintze to develop five new Strategic Communications Blueprints for two major subsidiaries and three strategic expansion opportunities.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“This was an exciting and critical project. The client’s in-house resources were not objective enough to analyze the communications requirements from a truly independent perspective.

Change is hard. Sometimes it’s effective to have an objective consultancy – with no pre-existing assumptions and no internal political agenda – weigh in with a fresh perspective. This project was deeply strategic and proved to be successful on many levels.”

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