Client’s Challenge: An Impending Internship Has Parents Anxious

“One more thing,” the executive brought up, just as the meeting was ending.  “My 20-year-old daughter has received an internship this summer at a Hollywood production studio and she leaves in 48 hours.  She’s never lived alone. And my wife and I haven’t slept since she told us last Friday. Let’s talk about what you can do to help us ensure her safety.”

Our Solution: Personal Attention from Off-Duty Officers

Within hours, the Hillard Heintze team moved quickly to locate and vet two off-duty Los Angeles police officers who would be available to help the daughter move into her apartment and get acquainted with the neighborhood.

The team conducted an analysis of recent incidents in crime near the daughter’s apartment complex and identified the nearest police stations and trauma centers to both her apartment and the production studio lots.  In addition to the off-duty police officers, Hillard Heintze’s CEO spoke with the movie studio’s Chief Security Officer and the Hillard Heintze team contacted the university police from the local school affiliated with the internship.  The team also identified safe areas for the daughter to shop and enjoy the local nightlife, as well as determined the best primary and alternative driving routes through the safest areas of the city.

Impact on the Client: A Successful Experience

When the executive’s daughter arrived at Los Angeles International Airport, she was met by the two off-duty police officers, who escorted her to her new apartment and provided her with a short “security booklet” prepared for her in two days by the Hillard Heintze team.  She was advised on a wide range of safety and security issues – from common sense practices while moving around the city and exhibiting care in communicating on social media to how to keeping her location private by turning off the GPS settings on her smart phone.  She went on to successfully complete her internship, and still managed to safely enjoy the sights and nightlife of Los Angeles.  And her parents regained their sleep.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“This protective assignment was a small component of a wider set of tasks in support of this family.  These involved residential security assessments at four or five family homes and a comprehensive IT security review to ensure the privacy of the family’s information and communication.

It was a rewarding engagement because it was prevention-oriented: the actions we were taking were reducing the family’s window of risk – and I know this work gave them peace of mind.”

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