Security Risk Management Training

Security Risk Management Training

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Hillard Heintze designs and delivers training for many domains within security risk management. These programs range widely in terms of factors such as objectives, content, training methodology, time and duration, number of participants, and format (electronic vs. physical).

Emergency Preparedness Training

  • Development and delivery of a customized training course and accompanying organizational handouts.
  • A focus on the four crucial phases of emergency management: mitigation and prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.
  • Topics include identifying and resolving ambiguity related to the various roles of participants and establishing a common understanding of what constitutes an emergency or crisis.
  • Curriculum also includes exploring multiple scenarios and pausing between stages of the scenario to allow small working groups to discuss how they would respond.

Crisis Management and COOP Training

  • Customized development of various types of tabletop training exercises including discussions and debriefs of actual events.
  • Program scope ranges from small, single organization, site-based sessions to large-scale events with multiple system participants.
  • The design process includes careful alignment with the mission, vision and values of the organization; its functions or processes; and the culture, capabilities, resources and other factors of participating stakeholders.
  • Can include various exercises in line with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

Security Awareness Training

  • Training classes, exercises and seminars for employees, executives or board members.
  • Topics range from best practices in corporate security and security risk management to more targeted areas such as workplace violence prevention, threat assessment, active shooter prevention and response, travel security, crisis management and general security and safety training.

Executive Protection Training

  • Curriculum designed for individuals who support executive protection at any level in your organization.
  • Topics include executive protection activities, processes, technologies and capabilities in areas such as physical and technical security, transportation, personal protection, protective intelligence and emergency preparedness, among others.
  • Highlights include attack-related behaviors, targeted violence, threat assessment, prevention, early intervention, concentric circles of protection and 360° coverage, conducting advances and working the protectee with small detail procedures.

Think. React. Survive.™ Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training

  • Active shooter training curriculums customized to your organization and aligned with your emergency management plan.
  • Delivered in-person to enable question and answer from attendees, as tabletop and on-site, multi-agency coordination exercises or adapted to your organization’s learning management system (LMS).
  • Personal survival strategies and life-saving decisions that connect to established best practice protocols.
  • Topics range from understanding the assailant; situational awareness and the human response mechanism to the Run, Hide, Fight response model.
  • Videos and periodic reviews reinforce the key concepts to engage participants with different learning styles.
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