Establish the building blocks of an effective security program. Recruit a proven leader and define a three-year strategy.

To manage risk to a business or government agency, security program management needs to evolve continually. Gaps can emerge and undermine the program’s effectiveness. Deficits in leadership can be costly. The absence of a clear, multi-year strategy can muddy priorities. A “bolt-on” approach to security after a wave of M&A activity can whisk away planned acquisition synergies. And poor coordination in security across a corporation’s business units can drive up costs and obscure total security expenditures.

Are you aligning your security strategy, structure, people, processes and technologies with your greatest risks and most strategic objectives? Do you need to recruit an experienced CSO or Director of Security? Communicate the critical role played by the security program to key executives? Hillard Heintze works closely with clients to build, improve and sustain comprehensive and high-performance security and risk management programs that are cost effective, mitigate risks and advance business and mission objectives.


Why Our Clients Value These Services

  • Enhanced safety and security of people, property, performance and brand
  • Greater confidence and assurance that the organization’s security leadership, strategy, budget, program and capabilities are appropriate given its objectives, exposure and risk environment
  • Ability to scale, upgrade or realign an entire security program – or key elements of it – quickly and effectively by engaging external support

Scope of Services

Security Strategy Blueprint

Develop and design – in a client’s “look and feel” – a concise, high-level, strategy document that outlines a brief current state assessment of the security program; defines the mission, vision and goals of the program, as well as its strategic program components; lays out an integrated rationale and framework for developing and expanding the program in alignment with strategic business objectives; defines the process required to maintain and improve the program; and establishes clear and specific operational priorities to achieve these goals in one-year increments over a multi-year period.

Comprehensive Program Development Planning and Execution

Guidance in developing a new security risk management program or improving the effectiveness of an existing department. Detailed recommendations and support in every critical domain, including program strategy and structure; leadership, staffing and organization; policies, procedures and protocols; technologies and technical systems; physical security; and benchmarking against organizations comparable in size, industry focus or business model.

Executive Search and Recruitment

Identification and vetting of exceptionally well-qualified candidates for permanent or interim senior executive security positions.

Security Program Cost Analysis and Budget Recommendations

Evaluation and review of program or departmental costs and budgets in order to align expenditures with risks, eliminate inefficiencies, improve return on investment and increase value delivery to the business.

Advisory Services and Specialized Assistance with Individual Program Areas

Targeted program development support in areas such as strategic risk management, threat and vulnerability assessment, operational and tactical planning and execution, special event security, executive protectionworkplace violence prevention, behavioral threat assessment and emergency preparedness, and crisis management – as well as specialized services for high net worth individuals and family offices.