The latest and possibly most prominent threat to organizational safety is civil unrest. You hear it on the news and you see it in the streets, making it difficult for security leaders to ignore. But what is the real risk organizational leaders must acknowledge and prepare for; and what actions can they take to build resiliency? While emergency preparedness and response plans contain many provisions that apply to incidents of civil unrest, the current climate demands that security leaders take a hard look at their ability to respond to and recover from the specific risks and consequences of civil unrest. Our experts combined their decades of experience guiding public safety agencies through civil unrest incidents to develop The Security Leader’s Guide to Civil Unrest. This downloadable white paper provides tangible, actionable counsel enabling private organizations to leverage best practices forged in the public sector.

Download the guide to:

  • Differentiate between non-threatening, public protest and events that may escalate into civil unrest.
  • Understand threat actors, motivations and potential risk associated with public acts of defiance.
  • Learn the specific actions security leaders should take before, during and after a civil unrest incident to protect their employees and assets; and recover should an incident directly impact their operations.

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