Client’s Challenge: A Global Pharmaceutical Makes Security a Priority

Three years ago, a U.S.-based, multi-billion dollar, NYSE-traded diversified healthcare provider embarked on an aggressive campaign to accelerate growth through the acquisition of international assets.

As the company’s global footprint expanded, so did the complexity in managing its operational risks – particularly with respect to security, emergency preparedness and business continuity.  Keen on establishing a much more strategic approach to security worldwide, the CEO acted on a reference from a peer in his senior executive network – and called Hillard Heintze CEO Arnette Heintze.

Our Solution: Rationalizing Security’s Role and Position Within the Enterprise

At the time, the company’s security function was buried several layers down on the organizational chart under Facility Management.  Security practices were inconsistent across global regions, facilities and lines of business.  And critical capabilities – from a centralized security command center to a common global set of security policies – were non-existent.

Serving initially as the company’s interim Chief Security Officer (CSO) and reporting directly to the President, Hillard Heintze immediately undertook high-level risk, threat and vulnerability assessments of the entity’s most critical facilities.  At the same time, it helped the enterprise establish its first formal CSO position, interview a select list of exceptional candidates, and engage a new full-time CSO.  Hillard Heintze also put into place the building blocks of a best practice-based Global Security function, including a high-level global security strategy blueprint that helped define the program’s mission, goals, priorities, milestones and metrics applicable in annual stages through 2015.

Impact on the Client: Stronger Security. And an Excellent Structural Baseline for the New CSO.

With Hillard Heintze’s ongoing support, the new CSO is executing the first-year objectives for this strategy.  And through a risk-driven approach to security-related decision making, the company is making savvy, cost-effective choices about where ongoing security investments will create the most business value.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“This is a well-known company with an exceptional reputation for quality in their products – and in how they address the critical business processes crucial to building steady, sustainable longterm growth in shareholder value.

So how did it find itself in ‘catchup’ mode with respect to security? The company grew overnight. Yes, with respect to revenue. But also on so many other levels. When you suddenly acquire a rush of new assets to expand your leadership position in core markets – and attractive adjacent ones – you don’t get to reap the rewards of this new portfolio until you’ve integrated this new war chest.

And that’s exactly what we are helping this company do – across its global operations in 75 different countries.”

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