Growing international security concerns, pervasive fears of mass shootings, the impact of climate change on emergency preparedness, how deep fakes challenge even the most seasoned investigative teams. These and other significant trends are challenging security professionals and the organizations they support. During this webinar, our experts Matthew Doherty and John Orloff as they discuss how your security plan can address an ever-evolving risk landscape.

Knowing what is or may be on the risk horizon is essential to security-driven goal setting, planning and prioritizing.

View the webinar to:

  • Learn about the impact of shifting geopolitical tensions on international security planning.
  • Gain knowledge of the emerging risk environment surrounding the legal cannabis market.
  • Get expert insight on how emergency management plans will need to evolve to meet the challenges brought on by climate change.
  • Understand how your organization can proactively address rising fears of mass shootings and active assailant situations.
  • Prepare to proactively address these trends as part of a comprehensive, forward-looking security risk management strategy

Matthew Doherty, Senior Vice President, Threat + Violence Risk Management
Hillard Heintze, a Jensen Hughes company

John Orloff, Senior Vice President, Security Risk Management
Hillard Heintze, a Jensen Hughes company