With only a few weeks left in the NFL regular season – and as office fantasy football teams become more competitive – we wanted to focus some sunlight on former NFL players. What do these young men do when they retire from the NFL? When their lives have been consumed by football, what do they do when it’s time to hang up their helmets and cleats?

The transition from a professional career to a private life can be difficult and sometimes presents complicated and serious challenges. One of our most valued clients, The Trust, actively supports former NFL players with an array of services focused on overall health and a successful life off the field.

LinkedIn conducted research of more than 2,000 former NFL players and analyzed their career paths in the infographic below. We’re proud to help support them and their new accomplishments.


Top NFL Player Careers After Retirement

From Visually.

Whether they’re exploring a career in broadcasting, or starting their own business, Hillard Heintze supports The Trust’s mission to help former players gain insight, assurance and confidence in their endeavors.

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