In today’s highly connected world, corporate executives are more visible and exposed than ever before. So, it should come as no surprise that investments in executive protection are on the increase. Given the costs associated¬†with executive protection programs,¬†any fiscally responsible organization will want to capitalize on available tax benefits that can offset those expenses.

Executive protection expenses can be tax-deductible if that program meets the requirements of IRS Title 26 Section 132. Working with experienced tax attorneys, our executive protection experts developed the Executive Brief Independent Security Studies + IRS Code 132 to help you determine how your executive protection program can become eligible for tax benefits under IRS Section 132 which protects your organization and executives from unnecessary tax liability.

Whether welcoming a new CEO, preparing for an IPO, or simply enhancing security measures in light of the current social climate, complying with IRS Code 132 requirements can give you an accurate snapshot of your organization’s current executive protection capabilities and potentially uncover a need for additional protective measures.

Download the Executive Brief to learn more.