Client’s Challenge: One of the World’s Largest Information Security Surveys

For years, the largest survey of information security and privacy practices in the world has been led by a Big Four firm with co-sponsorship from a leading U.S. business magazine. More than 7,000 CEOs, CFOs, COOs and directors of IT, security and privacy from 130 countries complete a lengthy online survey on issues such as information security spending priorities, security incidence frequency, business and financial impacts, and countermeasure maturity across strategy, structure, people, process and technology.

Our Solution: Analyzing a Forest of Numbers – and Defining Key Messages for Multiple Industries

The survey generates an enormous bank of information. In raw form, it includes several hundred thousand data points that filter responses by scores of factors such as country, industry, revenue, headcount and type or scope of event. When the months-long data collection effort finally ends, the project’s spotlight shifts immediately to “making sense” of the data – and helping the firm’s global clients across 12 key industries (as well as its thousands of client-facing consulting professionals) quickly and efficiently extract business value from the survey without having to wade directly into the “data forest.”

For the last several years, Hillard Heintze has played a central role in transforming this raw data – through analysis, trend identification and interpretation, and the crafting of key messaging – into a portfolio of market-ready thought leadership and client-support collateral. Each year, the deliverables on this project include a primary analysis report with key messaging recommendations; 12 industry-specific, multi-year data worksheets; 12 client-facing presentations customized for each industry; and a final, comprehensive thought leadership white paper.

Impact on the Client: A High-Visibility National Campaign and Waves of Media Attention

This is a strategic project for this client. On “Launch Day” – the day the firm releases these publications to the U.S. and global markets – the campaign generates a significant level of press attention. The sponsoring partners conduct a 12-city U.S. road tour spread out over the next 10 months. And across the firm’s cross-industry global consulting practice, the survey’s findings are shared with clients on a daily basis.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“This is not an easy project to deliver. It’s data-intensive –grueling in breadth and scope. And developing high-level, industry specific messaging that stands up if challenged by the project’s sponsors or the firm’s clients is an enormous commitment.

Doesn’t this client have the talent to do this in-house? Of course. The firm has more than 100,000 employees. It’s a world leader in information security and privacy consulting services. It doesn’t just follow best practices in information security – it sets them.

But for this consulting entity, as for many of its competitors, utilization of its client-facing teams is a key issue. And if a third-party advisor can meet or exceed its exceptionally high standards – month after month, year after year – it’s quick to capitalize on the partnership advantages.”

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