Client’s Challenge: A Boy Band Goes to Mexico

When one of the fastest-growing pop bands in American culture today decided to conduct a multi-venue concert tour in Mexico, in spite of its known and growing security risks, it turned to Hillard Heintze for counsel, country-specific intelligence and tour-long protection.

Our Solution: Establishing an Envelope of Protection

Hillard Heintze security experts formerly charged with ensuring the personal protection of U.S. presidents, world leaders and foreign dignitaries – as well as the integrity of security strategies for national special security events – conducted advance visits to all cities on the tour’s itinerary. In addition to other measures, they met with in-city, as well as U.S.-based intelligence contacts associated with a number of federal agencies to glean information about potential threats and risks to the band. They also surveyed hospitals, safe houses and alternative travel routes, assessed the readiness of city-specific law enforcement and crowd management capabilities and travelled with the band for the duration of the tour.

Impact on the Client: A Successful, Incident-Free Tour

In a country where crime rates exceed those commonly encountered in the U.S. – and where other recent U.S. musical acts have experienced alarming and dangerous crowd-related incidents – the band and its supporting talent, engineers and logistics personnel enjoyed a successful, incident-free tour.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“This client came to us through someone who was familiar with some of the ways the U.S. Secret Service protects the President.  They had worked in the White House several years ago and had been aware with how we conducted advances for the President.

Like what?  Well, advances are pretty rigorous.  And multi-dimensional. Logistics.  Personal protection.  Transportation.  There’s a long list.

Like what medical support requirements should be carried.  Which U.S. resources – those stationed or operating in the country already – can lend insights on the local threat and response environment before
the trip.  And may represent crucial support during it.

There’s a lot to consider.  Like how to establish liaison with foreign governments.  How to help ensure these foreign entities bring their assets to bear.  What to do if they don’t.

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