Hiring the right people for the right job is the key to any successful organization. Whether you’re looking to create a brand new position or fill an existing opening, you have to identify candidates who are not just compatible with your culture, but also – and most importantly – capable of aligning your security with your most strategic business objectives. This is especially true when it comes to Security Director hiring – the person who will fight on the front line to protect your organization.

Determine What You Need – And Formalize It

So where do you start? The first step is to start with your business objectives and from this perspective, determine what kind of candidate is best positioned to bring a risk-driven, business-supporting approach to your security. The scope of a Security Director can encompass everything from technology procurement and policy management to risk assessment and life safety protocol development.

As the hiring manager or individual tasked with filling such a unique position, you’ll need a roadmap. That means investing the time and resources to develop a formal, detailed position description that clearly outlines the baseline criteria that any applicant would need to meet. It also means acknowledging when outside counsel might be necessary.

Consider Your Organization’s Culture

Establishing the necessary qualifications and expectations of a Security Director is just one facet of the recruiting process. How a candidate is prepared to understand your business objectives and their implications for security is equally important.

Does your organization require a tightly controlled security environment that calls for strict policies and procedures, access cards, biometric readers, protective fencing and other aspects of physical and technical security? Or, is the environment more open, with employees entering and exiting freely with little access control beyond a friendly wave to the security desk? How much risk is leadership willing to accept as it works toward striking a balance between security and autonomy?

You want to make sure the Security Director you bring on board can work within the parameters of your business. The last thing you want is to force an incompatible security approach onto your organization. The impact can be damaging and lasting.

Bring Security Expertise into Your Hiring Process

As the hiring manager or individual tasked with facilitating this hiring process, do you have enough security knowledge and experience to identify the right candidate? Are you confident that, during the interview process, you’ll ask the right questions and follow-up questions? If you aren’t so sure, then you’ll strongly want to consider reaching out to a security advisor to assist in this critical process.

A Trusted Advisor Can Help You Meet Your Security Needs

Hillard Heintze can work closely with you to find the Security Director your organization needs. Our team of security risk management experts can help you develop a thorough, appropriate position description. We can assist in the recruiting, screening and interview process to ensure you’re finding candidates who are not only qualified to do the job required, but fit well into your culture. Through Hillard Heintze LLC, we can conduct background checks and validate job references.

Let us help you find the right candidate. It’s what we do.