Client’s Challenge: A Security Leader Looks to Better Explain Security’s Value to Corporate Leadership

For this industry leader – given the high value of its branded luxury goods and the prominence of its high-end retail boutiques around the world – security has always been a critical priority.

“And so is managing the costs of security,” explained its Director of Security. “We’re becoming a much more metric-driven enterprise. While we measure security outcomes, we need a way to communicate the business value of our security expenditures and our good work all year long. To whom? The CEO and executive team. Our business lines and functional leads. The CFO who funds us. Our regional managers. And even our own employees. Every one of them, at some level, helps us enhance security.”

Our Solution: Designing and Developing a High-Impact Security Annual Report

Hillard Heintze developed a professionally designed Annual Report for the client’s security function. The high-gloss, graphically rich publication described how the program at all levels – from leadership through daily operations – continuously aligned security resources with the enterprise’s strategic business objectives and strategy. With compelling metrics and case studies, the report brought to life the security program’s challenges, progress and milestones achieved for the immediately preceding fiscal year.

Impact on the Client: A Home Run. Two Printings. And Plans to Develop Another Report Next Year

The Annual Report was widely acknowledged as a success. Within 30 days, the security team had authorized a second print run. The Director of Security found it useful at the leadership level and with his colleagues in other functions. And his team discovered that it served as an excellent supporting document in onboarding any individual in the company whose responsibility bore directly on safety and security.

Many asked about whether publishing the Annual Report would become a regular practice. And that expectation became a directive. “I can’t wait to see the annual report for this fiscal year,” the CEO said. So the Director of Security reengaged Hillard Heintze for the second year – and planning for the new publication began immediately.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“These Corporate Security Annual Reports are gratifying to develop for many reasons.

For one, security’s role is rarely fully appreciated across all areas of an enterprise. Second, prevention is often hard to measure – and championing it requires a compelling narrative and an easy-to-read format. Third, security isn’t just a cost center anymore; it’s increasingly a strategic business enabler. An Annual Report is one of the most powerful ways of communicating an integrated set of messages to multiple in-house audiences in one high-impact sweep.”

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