As 2015 comes to a close, we decided to look back on our favorite blog posts throughout the year from our Security Risk Management practice.

The Active Shooter Phenomenon: Run, Hide, Fight – [Infographic]

Unfortunately, active shooter incidents are becoming more and more common. The more we understand as a society about how to prevent these terrible acts, the more lives we will save.

CEO Alert: Your IT Team Says It Can Prevent a Data Breach. Can It?

Organizations face widely differing ranges of risk, threats and vulnerabilities to their information security depending on their industry, business model, workforce size, culture and other factors. But a thorough assessment can often reveal information critical to your business and IT leaders.

Government Security Clearances: Missed Opportunities to Prevent Workplace Violence

While perpetrators of workplace violence incidents typically do not make direct threats prior to an incident, we know all too well that they do exhibit behaviors that concern others. Unfortunately, in most cases, this behavior is never reported to law enforcement.

As Killers Become Media-Savvy, the Media Tries Not to Become Part of the Story.

What part does the media play in the active shooter story?

Threat Assessment, Mental Health Laws and Weapons Possession

Mental health is a critical component of workplace violence prevention. But what are the laws? What can you do?

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