Client’s Challenge: A U.S. Professional Sports League Gets Ahead of Its Security Risks

As part of its mission to support and enhance the operations of the nationally dispersed sports teams that comprise its membership base, the leaders of the shared services organization dedicated to supporting an internationally recognized U.S. professional sports league asked Hillard Heintze to conduct an assessment of the security and emergency preparedness capabilities currently in place at every one of its members’ sporting venues.

Our Solution: Conducting Security and Emergency Preparedness Assessments Across the U.S.

Over the course of several months, Hillard Heintze’s major event security experts visited dozens of the league’s sporting venues in nearly every U.S. state and – in the course of its due diligence – evaluated the risks specific to each event location; met with stakeholders; reviewed all related documentation; observed and assessed game-day operations; and submitted highly tailored recommendations to each franchise’s management team.

Impact on the Client: Prevention for Millions – on a Truly National Scale

At each one of these venues, management is better informed, not just about the risks, threats and vulnerabilities that confront their fans, players and employees but also on what actions, priorities and investments they need to take – now and over time – to advance the security of their operations.

Unplugged: The Perspective of Hillard Heintze’s CEO

“It’s interesting. This opportunity was highly sought after and very competitive – which required extremely competitive pricing. In spite of this, we didn’t cut a single corner.

We’re talking dozens of arena locations. Across most states. A large engagement that extended for many months. Thousands of details. Intense rigor around our deliverables.

Self-imposed rigor, I should say. I actually think we’re much harder on ourselves than our clients are. We keep discovering that. And that gives us pride. The satisfaction we gain as professionals lingers.”

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