The risk of life-threatening violence is an unfortunate reality in the world we live and work in today. While we hear about it in the news, most people can’t – or don’t want to – imagine a deliberate attack by an active assailant happening at their company. Your employees’ reactions during a catastrophic event are critical, but how do you effectively equip a vast workforce with the skills needed?

A New Approach to Active Shooter Response Training

Think. React. Survive.™ Active Assailant Awareness and Response training is a new approach to active shooter education developed by security risk management experts at Hillard Heintze. Think. React. Survive. teaches participants to calmly think and react within the chaos of an unexpected attack. Through an engaging curriculum including videos, scenarios and interactive assessments that can be deployed online or via your learning management system, this active assailant training makes life-saving strategies accessible, relatable and easy to understand.

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What makes Think. React. Survive. different from other active shooter training?

Think. React. Survive. is designed to build learning as it progresses through each section. The information is organized and presented in a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand and relate to what they’re learning.

  • Part 1 – Think: Puts the focus first on the assailants to help participants better understand who and what they may be facing.
  • Part 2 – React: Progresses to the key concepts of situational awareness and the human response mechanism.
  • Part 3 – Survive: Guides trainees through the active and ongoing process of thinking and reacting in order to carry out the best of one or more life-saving options that are fundamental to the national standard of Run. Hide. Fight. Each section includes video segments and reviews to reinforce key concepts and engage participants with different learning styles.

Each section includes video segments and short assessments to reinforce key concepts and engage participants with different learning styles. The training finishes up with an emphasis on targeted and workplace violence prevention.

Is this training right for my company?

Think. React. Survive. is designed to provide individuals at every level of an organization with greater confidence in their ability to survive an active assailant event. It also aligns with the business goals of stakeholders who are focused on improving an organization’s overall readiness and resiliency in emergency preparedness, prevention, response and recovery. If your organization is seeking to build or reinforce a commitment to safety, security and the prevention and management of workplace violence, request your complimentary training preview to see if Think. React. Survive. is for you.