This $3 billion greenfield project in Doha, Qatar sprawls across more than six million square feet and includes a five-star hotel, nine high-rise towers, a parking garage and many other structures. One of the largest corporate complexes in the world, the site is the headquarters of Qatar Petroleum (QP), a government-owned oil and gas conglomerate with upstream (exploration, drilling and production) and downstream (refining) operations for crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas and other refined products. QP supplies hundreds of millions of barrels of oil and gas each year to North America, Asia and Europe. QP and KEO International Consultants engaged our team to provide security consulting and design services.

The Hillard Heintze Solution

Our security systems design work on this project included the campus’s TCP/IP-based video surveillance system, electronic access control and an advanced monitoring command center. We also advised QP and KEO on VIP security, guest screening, delivery and parking security operations. Our team provided a separate security system design to monitor the data center and network operations center (NOC) for the entire site, including hot and cold aisle surveillance monitoring, biometric access control and dual-layer compartmentalization for accessing critical data center space.


In total, we provided recommendations, plans and specifications on the placement, location, brand and type of more than 5,500 different security devices that were carefully integrated within the unique architecture and interior of the complex. These included 1,500+ cameras, almost 3,000 position sensors, 500+ duress buttons, 46 turnstiles and 420+ delayed egress doors. This work earned our team the Grand Platinum Award at the Secured Cities conference for the Most Innovative Security Project.

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