Dear Santa,

Protecting what matters every day is a great privilege, but I could use your help preparing for next year. I’ve been pretty good this year, so I hope you can fulfill my Security Director’s Wish List. In fact, if you have other Security Director’s on your route, you could use this as a guide. I guarantee this is all they want for Christmas!


A comprehensive, strategy-based, risk-driven security program that seamlessly integrates people, processes and technology.


  • Incident command system (ICS) positions filled by a primary lead and two alternates
  • Staff expertly trained to detect, delay and respond to unauthorized entries
  • Highly motivated staff that is friendly but firm when enforcing security protocols and procedures
  • Employees who never fall victim to phishing, spear phishing or social engineering scams

Technical Security

  • An intrusion detection system (IDS) that captures every unauthorized breach and does not produce nuisance alarms
  • A closed-circuit television (CCTV) or video surveillance system (VSS) with no blind spots and an unlimited storage capacity
  • Tamper-proof employee and guest credentials
  • Duress alarms hidden in every vulnerable location throughout the facility
  • Fully integrated intrusion detection, access control and video systems


  • An impenetrable data system that never loses internet connectivity
  • Anti-virus systems and firewalls that never fail
  • A redundant security command center (SOC) with full landline, cell phone, radio and power redundancies

Physical Security

  • Metal detection sensitivity levels impervious to weather, high winds and human error
  • Lights that burn brightly beyond the extended warranty period, provide enhanced CCTV camera views and flawlessly illuminate shadows in parking garages and exterior areas

Threat Reporting and Risk Management

  • Continuous, real-time threat intelligence sharing from federal, state and local law enforcement
  • Risk management processes that prioritize risks, drive security investments, improve emergency response decision-making and set training and exercise agenda

Emergency Plans

  • Emergency plans that address every known and unknown threats and hazards
  • Contingency plans that overcome every equipment failure and absence or loss of key personnel

Training and Exercises

  • Tabletop exercises in which all C-suite members and frontline employees participate
  • After-action reports that motivate leadership to expand security budget

Safe Travels!

Your Favorite Security Director