Cybersecurity for high net worth individuals is important. Among these challenges, are the risks associated with cyber threats and hacking which can lead to matters related to identity theft or social engineering. Fraud or embezzlement. Geo-location tracking in support of a plan to break into the family residence. Or embarrassing breaches such as the Apple ID phishing scam in 2014 that damaged the reputation of several celebrities when their personal photos were shared across the Internet.

In short, affluent families and celebrities are arguably under greater pressure than other individuals to pay closer attention to their security and digital privacy. 

6 Things Hackers Can Learn from Social Media

Our clients often ask us if using social media is a cyber issue.  It is: absolutely. A thief or hacker can easily extract information from you or your family’s social media accounts, often with little to no effort, such as:

  1. Locations – Gained from geo-location tags in posts or photos of your home.
  2. Asset Ownership – Pictures of your house, cars, boats and jewelry.
  3. Activities – Vacations and events.
  4. Children – Photos, names, location and activities.
  5. Brand or Business Risks – Threats towards the family, business, or brand.
  6. Former and Current Employees – What are they posting on social media without your knowledge and how does this affect your safety?

How Do We Protect Our Family Office?

The first step – ensuring you have the right people to help your protect your family and your assets. Ask the right questions. Download the free Hillard Heintze presentation to learn more about how to keep your family’s digital footprint safe and secure.


Wealth can attract trouble. How can you better protect your family?