Client’s Challenge: Impending Pension Cuts Dramatically Raises Risks

Over the years, a gap between this pension fund’s contributions and payouts emerged and finally ballooned. The fund’s executives prepared to announce the cuts to hundreds of thousands of members nationwide. “And that’s why we’re calling you,” explained the fund’s leadership. “We have a hundred thousand points of risk. And just six weeks to prepare. What should we be doing to protect our offices, our staff, ourselves and our families?”

Our Solution: Urgent Action on Multiple Fronts

Given the urgency and the short window of time before the firm’s announcement, key teams within Hillard Heintze’s Security Risk Management practice mobilized immediately. Over the next six weeks, they completed the following: (1) a comprehensive risk, threat and vulnerability assessment of the client’s office headquarters supported by recommendations on improving strategic, tactical and fundamental security measures; (2) a residential security assessment for key executives; (3) open-source intelligence and threat monitoring services to identify any safety concerns, misinformation or threats of harm to the organization and its personnel; and (4) protective services such as threat assessment, employee security awareness training, access control modifications, mail screening, active shooter planning, counter-surveillance and on-site protective services by armed personnel.

Impact on the Client: With Better Awareness and Prevention, No Security Incidents Occurred

The period of heightened security lasted until external regulatory action tempered the threat environment. No security incidents occurred during this time. These measures helped the pension fund leaders and staff significantly raise awareness, reduce risks and gain confidence that effective measures were in place.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“The benefits of these services will last for some time. Many physical and technical security measures have been dramatically improved – and the firm’s staff are much more informed about what to look out for and how to respond under various circumstances.

“Going forward, this client will be able to modulate its level of security – and ‘dial it up or down’ – depending on internal and external risk factors.”

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