Construction Administration and Oversight

Construction Administration and Oversight

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From a security perspective, the construction management phase is the most important of all project phases. This phase begins immediately once the security system or program has been successfully bid and awarded to a competent contractor. Given the high costs of implementing security systems for large-scale architectural, engineering and construction or remodeling projects, you and your stakeholders need to have confidence in the work of your security system vendors, integrators and installers. That requires tasking experienced parties – either internal or external – with responsibility for monitoring, oversight and quality assurance.

Governance Oversight

  • Oversight of security systems vendors, integrators and installer activities and deliverables during the bidding phase and construction phases. During the bidding phase, identification that the contractor has bid an appropriate scope for the project, which will minimize change orders in the field because of an underbid project or lack of understanding. During construction, validation that the security system is being implemented in accordance to the construction documents and trade industry best practices.
  • Scheduled and unscheduled site inspections to facilitate the coordination of trades and verify that the work is completed in accordance with the means and methods described in the contract documents.
  • Sustained focus on clients’ interests while being fair to the contractor. Strategic emphasis on complying with contracts and service-level agreements, controlling cost, driving service excellence and mitigating risk to ensure value delivery throughout the initiative.
  • Provision of trusted counsel as a client advocate for educated investment decisions when the contractor suggests alternatives, new avenues for cost savings or change orders that advance the client’s objectives.
  • Assistance in translating complex proposals into easy-to-understand recommendations.

Quality Assurance

  • Provision of quality review and assurance services.
  • On-site reviews during design and installation of sub-system and finish work as well as liaison with third-party security stakeholders.
  • Confirmation of system installation in accordance with design documents.