Threat Assessment and Management

Threat Assessment and Management

How We Can Help

Our behavioral threat assessment specialists have extensive experience evaluating an individual’s dangerousness based on the protocols established by U.S. government agencies to protect the U.S. president and other national and international leaders. In addition, our social media monitoring specialists, content analysts and open source intelligence researchers help clients – lawyers, corporations, executives and family offices – gather intelligence and monitor risks and threats. Our threat investigation and management experts help identify potential issues early and monitor known threats for significant changes or escalation, in order to support and inform a more proactive and tailored approach to security.

Let us provide you with greater confidence and assurance that you and your family are secure. We can do so through the following services:

Threat Assessment

  • Technical, methodology-driven pre-attack pathway analysis to identify behaviors and characteristics likely to foreshadow an act of targeted violence.
  • Background examination; review and analysis, if relevant, by a clinical psychologist; liaison and facilitation with law enforcement and protective intelligence authorities; and counter-threat recommendations and assistance. Contributes vital pieces of the puzzle in determining dangerousness when aligned with facts uncovered in the investigation.
  • Professional collection of information on a subject’s mental history, if available; current life situation; behavioral history; motivation; attack-related behavior; facilitating and mitigating factors; criminal history; media records; organizational interest and affiliation; specialized training; and his or her ownership or ability to acquire weapons.
  • Interviews of associates, neighbors, family members and others with a direct perspective on the events occurring in the subject’s life.

Threat Monitoring

  • Ongoing monitoring of the subject’s activities, communications and behaviors directly through surveillance, social media monitoring or liaison with parties likely to have information about the individual.
  • Overt or undercover investigation of employees, suppliers, associates and other family insiders suspected of illegal activity or inappropriate behavior.
  • Laser focus on subjects who have threatened a family member or staff, or employees who have been terminated or are known to communicate hostility aimed at the family as well as its residence, assets and reputation.

Threat Case Management

  • Development of case management plans to address the risks associated with individuals who have displayed behaviors of concern.
  • Guidance to private clients and their advisors on how to integrate various strategies to maximize family members’ safety and security and minimize risks immediately and over time.
  • Strategies and tactics to contain a threat, reduce risk and protect individuals in harm’s way. These involve detailed recommendations on various tactics, control measures and security procedures, as well as timing considerations and thresholds for key actions, dependencies and likely results.
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