Signature Private Client Program

Signature Private Client Program

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Protecting your family is a precious mission – for you and for us. It’s a mission the experts at Hillard Heintze been entrusted with for their entire careers. Mike White, who leads our seasoned team of professionals brings credentials and experience to properly address the complex, nuanced and highly sensitive needs that come with wealth and prominence. Before joining the firm, Mike served as the U.S. Secret Service Special Agent in Charge of planning, designing and leading the protection of Presidents Trump and Obama as well as the First Ladies, First Families and the White House Complex. Other members of the team have led, planned, designed and implemented customized security initiatives that have protected other high-profile, at‐risk leaders and dignitaries. These subject matter experts collaborate to design and refine security strategies ideally suited to our private clients and their family office support teams.

The Signature Private Client receives the optimal level of support in any given situation. Immediate, Urgent. Short-term. Long-term. You have ready access to a wide range of seasoned experts and specialists with credentials and experience to properly address the complex, nuanced and highly sensitive needs that come with wealth and prominence. Your Signature status means that when your safety, privacy or security brings uncertainty, unease or concerns, a Hillard Heintze Signature advisor is at the ready to lend support – anytime, anywhere.

Residential Physical and Technical Security

  • Physical and technical security assessment of your residences
  • Oversight of security personnel and systems protecting your primary, secondary and remote vacation residences
  • Security research in advance of any potential moves (e.g., when kids go to college)
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)

Cyber and Information Security

Due Diligence and Background Investigations

  • Comprehensive background checks on your staff members and contractors as needed
  • Pre-investment due diligence of potential business opportunities and the principals involved
  • Self due diligence on principal and family members
  • Investigative services in anticipation of, during or after litigation

Family Safety and Emergency Readiness

  • Development of and updates to your family emergency plans
  • Training and briefings for family emergencies or crises
  • Special family or business event security planning, implementation and management
  • Social media awareness and reputation monitoring

Threat Assessment and Management

  • Behavioral threat assessment
  • Monitoring of open‐source information and social media platforms for threats and reputational concerns
  • Threat case management
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