Residential Physical and Technical Security

Residential Physical and Technical Security

How We Can Help

Let us provide you with greater confidence and assurance that your family and residence are secure. We can do so through the following services.

Physical and Technical Security Assessments

  • A prevention-oriented residential security assessment that looks at every entry, exit and access point that impacts the safety and security of you and your family
  • Our assessment of physical home security focuses on physical barriers, landscaping and sight lines, security lighting, backup power, mail and package delivery, locks and keys and the location and establishment of a safe room –
  • The technical security assessment looks at the array of security systems that could be installed in your home – access control, intrusion detection, fire and life safety, duress or panic alarms, closed-circuit television – and provides best practice-based recommendations unique to your residence and the surrounding environment.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TCSM) Sweep

  • Comprehensive physical and electronic search of areas of concern conducted by highly trained experts and technicians.
  • Examination of a room’s physical structure, furnishings and content; detection of the presence of audio surveillance devices; and identification of security weaknesses that could allow a technical penetration or eavesdropping.
  • Use of sophisticated, laboratory-grade technical equipment to discover powered devices, locate transmitters and identify resident radio-frequency signals.
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