Private Client and Family Office Security and Support

Private Client and Family Office Security and Support

Manage the risks that attend wealth and prominence with security strategies that also advance lifestyle, privacy and convenience.

Private Client and Family Office Advisory Counsel and Support

Hillard Heintze’s private client and family office security consultants provide ongoing or ad hoc counsel on all security and investigative matters supporting the safety and security of the principal and all family members, as well as the protection of their assets, privacy and lifestyle.  Immediate response when a crisis, emergency or security challenge confronts a client or their family anywhere in the world.

Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment for Affluent Individuals

This assessment includes a comprehensive evaluation of the potential risks, threats and vulnerabilities confronting the principal and his or her family. Our experts identify the most practical, cost-effective opportunities to increase high net worth security, including strategies for risk transfer, avoidance, mitigation or acceptance.

Private Client and Family Office Emergency Plan

Hillard Heintze can develop a Family Emergency Plan aligned with risks ranging from severe weather events to an act of violence or terror in the neighborhood with many casualties, city-wide transportation restrictions, loss of internet services and large-scale communications blackouts. This Plan includes instructions on how to shelter-in-place, evacuation locations with maps showing primary and secondary walking and driving routes and recommendations on stockpiling the appropriate supplies and equipment.

Due Diligence and Background Investigations

We regularly conduct background investigations for affluent individuals and families, from rigorous to routine, of key insiders – such as senior advisors or private residence staff. Learn more about Hillard Heintze due diligence.

Travel Security and Logistics Support

Hillard Heintze provides expert direction and leadership in responding to travel-related crises or incidents in unsafe environments. We have a rapid, fluid and agile ability to leverage and mobilize layered strategies, critical resources and key relationships on a national or international scale to accelerate and coordinate rescue, recovery and return.

Open-Source and Social Media Monitoring

These engagements include one-time or continuous monitoring of social media and open-source intelligence to assess threats to the family as well as its assets, interests and reputation. They can be very valuable in identifying negative, defamatory, inaccurate or threatening online references or comments. Learn more about Hillard Heintze social media intelligence and threat monitoring.

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