Family Safety and Emergency Readiness

Family Safety and Emergency Readiness

How We Can Help

Let us provide you with greater confidence and assurance that your family and residence are secure. We can do so through the following services.

Travel Risk Management

  • Immediate response when a crisis confronts your family anywhere in the world. Our experts quickly leverage and mobilize layered strategies, critical resources and key relationships on a national or international scale to hasten and coordinate rescue, recovery and return.
  • Intelligence briefs to support pre-travel planning and mid-trip itinerary changes. Up-to-date information on security, safety and emergency response planning.
  • Identification of reliable drivers or security if necessary; hotels and vendors examined for difficulties; notifications and security protocols addressed. Serve as representative to security contacts and liaison to U.S. Embassies.
  • Comprehensive emergency preparedness and incident response across many types of events. Can serve as a communication hub for family, friends and business.
  • Consideration to special protections for minors and enhanced security during travel.

Family Emergency Planning

  • Develop a family emergency plan aligned with risks ranging from severe weather events to an act of violence in your neighborhood. The plan can include shelter-in-place and evacuation plans and an appropriate emergency supply list,
  • Identifies the priorities and protocols to support rapid decision-making during crises.
  • Analysis of security for private residences, yachts, planes, vehicles, art and jewelry.

Social Media Awareness

  • Let us guide, educate and inform your family on safe social media usage and its implications for your privacy. Our experts assess your existing media monitoring programs and can guide you on adopting best practices in threat identification and management.

Reputation Monitoring

  • We specialize in online research, assessment and monitoring of social media platforms, public websites, online discussions, message boards, and other public forums to uncover issues impacting your family’s safety, assets, interests and reputation.
  • You can structure our support as (1) a critical component of ensuring the security of a special event; (2) a one-time review supporting any number of corporate, organizational or individual objectives; or (3) ongoing monitoring, with a periodic reporting schedule, supporting the family’s broader approach to security, privacy and prevention.
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