Client’s Challenge: A Request for Security Experts with National Security Clearances

At the increasingly critical intersection between national security and classified intelligence and the challenges in advancing local law enforcement practices on a national scale, is the need for rapid, on-demand access to trustworthy, experienced, security-cleared national specialists with demonstrated expertise in both domains. Recognizing Hillard Heintze as an expert in these areas – and confronting an important deadline in its contract with a major federal agency – a leading Washington D.C.-based think tank turned to Hillard Heintze for assistance.

Our Solution: Researching Issues Vital to Homeland Security

The Hillard Heintze team contributed value in three ways. First, it researched and analyzed important source data, much of it classified. Second, it initiated relationships between the think tank and important decision-makers, policy shapers and subject-matter experts in the federal, state and local law enforcement arena in multiple cities, urban centers and jurisdictions throughout the United States and in select countries abroad. Third and finally, the Hillard Heintze experts combined the information and insights collected with their own experience to identify a “front-line of thought leadership” that could be used to advance this top national security priority – a set of observations on trends, roles and responsibilities, countermeasures and the strategic barriers most likely to impede implementation.

Impact on the Client: Better Action Plan – and a Slew of New Assignments

These conclusions and key findings helped the think tank craft an informed, independent perspective on this critical issue. The organization met its deadline. The federal agency renewed its contract with the client – a contract that continues today. Most importantly, however, this think tank’s independent perspective is now playing a broader, more strategic role in advancing the crucial assumptions, insights and planning predictions that are, weekafter- week, forming the nucleus of an emerging new national strategy and implementation plan for a critical national security imperative.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“When a security and investigative expert leaves a high-profile public service position for private sector employment, it can be easy – if you aren’t very careful – to ‘lose touch’ with how cutting-edge advancement is unfolding at the highest level of our nation’s focus on homeland security.

Which is a pity. Because there is an enormously important dialogue and exchange that absolutely must occur between and across ‘pockets of excellence’ in both sectors. One side learns from the other. And both win.

That’s why I see our relationship with this organization – and many others like it – as a tremendously important way of keeping our finger on the pulse of some very crucial relationships, issues and trends.”

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